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re: Kennayil

File transfer complete. Do you wish to view now? (Y/N)

Now playing Sith Archive security video #36B987ER287-0630...
WARNING. Audio file corrupted. Do you wish to continue? (Y/N)

The video shows a bird’s eye view of a market place. It is unremarkable, appearing as any other on any number of planets. The view is centered on a water fountain. On its edge sat a Zebrak female. Playing nearby is a young male that she watches as a mother watches her child. A human male approaches them. He is dressed in an Imperial uniform, the camera can just make out a medical research badge. The woman looks at him with a mixture of fear and dread. She stands as he nears her. The boy stops playing and watches the two. The woman begins crying. She shakes her head in denial. Two Imperial Troopers approach the boy from behind; he does not appear to notice them. The human backhands the woman and turns to face the Troopers. He points to the boy and then some place off camera. The Troopers grab the boy, and drag him in the direction indicated. The boy begins screaming and struggling to break free. His struggles are of no use. The human does not notice the woman leap out at him. She manages to rake her nails across his face before he strikes back. There is a brief struggle in which she is winning. There is a bright flash of light, followed by the woman falling to the ground clutching her chest. The man walks over to her and uses his foot to roll her onto her back. He shoots her twice more in the face, laughing. As he begins walking off, he looks up at the camera and waves.

Kennayil pauses the video and zooms in on the man’s face.

Zentiira: Who is that my lord?

Kennayil (looks up from the screen): A part of my past that I will have to resolve soon. The woman is… was, my mother.

Zentiira says nothing more. She simply nods and walks away. She knows that it is best to leave him alone right now. Kennayil watches her leave. She is new to his crew, but already he can sense the force-bond between them. Like him, she was trained in the Force. Although, her master had been a Jedi.

While on a mission for the Dark Council, Kennayil had nearly been killed. He was being hunted my several Jedi masters when he came upon her camp. He knew that if he was to survive, he would need help. So he used a trick taught to him by his own master, the ability to hide his Force sensitivity. Kennayil began looking through the camp for medical supplies. Although a healer himself, he had drained himself getting away from the Jedi and would need several days to recover. He never heard her approach.

Zentiira: Who are you? What do you think you are doing going through my equipment?

When Kennayil had turned to face her she could see his wounds. Her expression had changed from one of ready hostility to concern instantly.

Zentiira: Hold still, my medical supplies are in the tent. I’m suppose to be meditating on the nature of the Force out here, so I don’t have my communicator with me.

Zentiira rushed into her tent, by the time she came out with the supplies, Kennayil had already passed out. He awoke several days later in her tent to find her sleeping next to him. Dropping the barriers that shielded his sensitivity a bit, he confirmed what he suspected. Jedi Padawan. Checking himself he realized that he was almost up to full strength. He started to sneak out when an idea come to mind. He could use this opportunity. He would try to turn her to the dark side. When she awoke later, Kennayil had prepared breakfast. They said nothing during the meal. Afterward, she helped him clean up.

Zentriia: I have to return to my meditations now. Feel free to stick around until your health has returned.

Kennayil: Thank you. I am… unused to kindness. If you don’t mind, I would like to stick around for a while. Perhaps hunt up some fresh meat to repay you for your assistance.

Zentriia (smiling ruefully): That would not be such a good idea Sith.

Kennayil: I am..

Zentriia (holding her right hand up): Please do not lie to me. Your uniform is a dead give away. I may be a Padawan, but I am not stupid.

Kennayil: I never thought you to be stupid. You would not be a part of your Order if you were. I was simply going to tell you that I am not here for a fight. My mission is over. I was sent here to find and silence a traitor to the Empire. But it would seem that I was betrayed by my own Dark Council. This was to be a suicide mission, and yet I live.

Zentriia: Perhaps the Force lead us together so that you could become a Jedi.

Kennayil: No. I firmly believe in the ideals of my Empire. It is simply my Order that I am having trouble with. I guess, I never really did believe in the Sith Code as they did. Some of my beliefs run counter to theirs.

Zentriia: Hmm, perhaps we should discuss this more later, I really do need to do as my master bid me.

With that she walked off into the woods. Over the next several days they would converse on the differences between their Orders and the way they felt about the individual codes. They felt at peace with one another, a sensation that was unusual for Kennayil. He had always been taught, “Peace is a lie.” Here he was, at peace, and yet his power did not feel diminished in any way. Upon return one evening he mentioned this to her.

Zentriia: That is because you do not need emotion to fuel your powers. Hatred is a fire that must be fed or it will die.

Kennayil (laughed): Typical Jedi propaganda. Hatred is not the only emotion that we use. It is simply the easiest to produce at a moment’s notice. Any form of passion or emotion will work. It is not the source of our power, it simply provides a boost.
He could see from her expression that she took his words seriously. His instincts told him that now was the time.

Kennayil: The Jedi Order teaches that Jedi are not allowed to fall in love. That love leads to jealousy, jealousy to anger, anger to hatred. And once you reach that point, you are lost to the Order and belong to the dark side. By why does it have to be that way? It is my belief, after meeting you, that a balance can be found between both Orders. That we do NOT have to be one or the other. It is possible to combine the teachings of both into a new, stronger way of using the Force.

Zentriia: What you say seems valid, but I need some time to think about this.

Kennayil: Of course. (he hands her a data crystal) You can reach me at this Holo-address. It is a forum designed for anonymous communications. Simply insert the crystal into your comm and you will automatically connected. I will leave you now. Think on what I have said, just as I will meditate on you – I mean, on what you said.

Zentriia tries unsuccessfully to hide her grin. Kennayil gives her a mock glare as he stands up.

Kennayil: Be safe young Padawan. Learn all you can from your master. Perhaps you can, one day, teach me.

Kennayil walks off into the forest. It would be many months before they see one another again; in the mean time, they would leave many messages for one another.

*To be continued…*

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re: Kennayil (pt 2)


It would was nearly a year later that Kennayil is sent to Nar Shadda. His last message from Zentriia was terse and felt as if she was afraid of something. Before he had left his ship he had left a note that he would be available to talk in a few days, but his master had a job for him. Using code phrases, he inquired about her status. Kennayil snapped himself out of his worry, and focused on the next part of his mission. According to the information his slicer was able to come up with, the thief he was chasing holed up somewhere in the Exchange’s sector. That made it too close to the Republic forces for his tastes, but he had to retrieve the stolen tech. Doing a quick check on the local network, Kennayil decided to head for a cantina deep within the sector that was far enough from both Empire and Republic, that the chances of an unnecessary fight were slim.

After a thirty minute taxi ride, and a two hour walk with several gangs attempting to lead him into traps, Kennayil had finally made it. As soon as he walked through the door, he could feel a familiar presence. He could not place where he had felt it before, but he knew it was Jedi. Quickly, Kennayil diminished his presence in the Force. Although the other may have felt him already, it was worth the effort in case the Jedi was distracted. He walked into the cantina as if he had no care in the world, giving people the impression that he was a weak Sith. Kennayil approached the barkeep.

Kennayil (speaking softly and holding out a holo): I seek information on this man. His current where-about, who he’s been speaking to, and any other information that may lead me to him.

Barkeep (he peers at the holo briefly): I know him. It will cost you though. And it will be extra if there’s any bloodshed.

Kennayil considers this a moment. He could easily kill everyone here, but that would put the Empire into trouble with the Hutts. He glares at the barkeep for a moment, then nods.

Kennayil: Fine. What’s the cost to include bloodshed?

Barkeep: 25 thousand. More if you damage my patrons or equipment.

Kennayil (grins evily as he hands over the credits): As long as no one attempts to get between me and my prey, then they will be fine. This man stole something of mine and I want it back.

Barkeep: He’s in the Respite Room. I do know that he’s awaiting someone, but not who. Take the lift over by the band.

Kennayil nodded, then walked off. As he got on the lift, he realized that the barkeep would probably warn Crental that he was coming. Kennayil psyched himself up for a fight, and pulled his lightsaber from its clip. Entering the room, Kennayil spotted his prey immediately. Sitting on the other side of the table was a Jedi. The Jedi spotted him first, and stood. Crental turned to see who was there and paled.

Kennayil (keeping his eyes on Crental): I have no quarrel with you Jedi. This man stole technology from me. I came up with the idea. I built it. He simply provided me with the raw materials. I want my device back, and to take him in for theft.

Kii’drel: My name is Kii’drel, Sith. I can sense the truth of what you say. But I cannot let you take this man with you. Nor will I let you take something that you will undoubtedly use to enslave more people.

Kennayil (hisses in anger, then growls): Idiot Jedi. That toy is mine! I built it to make me money. It is harmless for anyone without Force sensitivity. It is meant to provide entertainment. Some of us do have interests outside of conquest.

Kii’drel (ignites his lightsaber, the green glow making him appear sickly): You Sith think of nothing but causing pain and gaining power. Now, I give you this chance to surrender. You will be treated well.

Kennayil (ingites his own lightsaber): Close minded fool! I tried to get this back peacefully. Something you Jedi profess to care a great deal about. Now I see that you are nothing but hypocrites.

Kennayil launches himself at the Jedi, his lightsaber arcing through the air in a downward strike. The Jedi easily parried the strike and used the Force to push Kennayil backwards. Too late, he realized his mistake. Kennayil landed next to Crental. Without missing a beat, Kennayil removed Crental’s head and snagged the device from his hands before the body hit the ground. He never took his eyes off the Jedi.

Kii’drel (enraged): You blood thirsty BEAST! I’LL KILL YOU!

Kennayil (smiling): Welcome to the Dark Side. (He walks away as the Jedi stands there, stunned.) Fear not Jedi. I will tell no one of our encounter. Tell whomever you wish.

Kennayil took the lift back down to the main level and returned to the bartender. He handed him an extra 5000 credits.

Kennayil: There is one rather stunned Jedi and a corpse up there. Give the Jedi something to drink out of that and keep the rest as a tip.

On the way back to his ship, his personal communicator chimed three times, indicating a message on the forums. Increasing speed, Kennayil headed back to base. Stopping outside the building he was using as a temporary headquarters, he ran to his office. Once there he keyed in his personal ID and contacted his master.

Kennayil: My master. I retrieved the device. Any word yet on that other matter that you needed me here for?

Darth Ravenous: Fastest work to date, my apprentice. It would seem my agent on Nar Shadda is not responding to me. Last message from him placed him in Black Sun territory. See if you can find something about his whereabouts.

Kennayil: It will be done, Master.

Darth Ravenous studied his apprentice for a moment the cut the communication. He could sense something, but would not push until he was certain as to what it is. Kennayil keyed off the comm, then inserted the pad with the forum connection data. There was only a brief message from Zentriia. “NS. BlueOrb. One point five.” Quickly checking the time stamp, it was only 20 minutes old. If he wanted to catch up to her, he’d have to hurry. The Blue Orb Cantina was almost an hour away.

*To be Continued…*

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re: Kennayil


Kennayil check his chrono as he walked through the door to the Blue Orb Cantina. He had made excellent time, there was still 25 minutes to go. He diminished his presence and put a feeler out to locate her. There, on the second floor. She was nervous. Moving with a purpose, but not rushing, Kennayil made his way to her.

Zentriia (smiling and projecting relief): It’s good to see you again.

Kennayil (returning her smile): And you. This is a bit closer to Republic area’s than I would prefer. But it is worth it to see you again.

He sat down next to her. Close enough to touch, but still not so close as to make her uncomfortable. He waited for her to say more.

Zentriia (speaks hesitantly): I don’t know how much time we have. My master has been hinting pretty strongly that he’s aware I’m up to something. It scares me. He – It’s.. (pauses momentarily to figure out what to say). Kenn, I need you to understand. I care a great deal about you. I don’t want to see you hurt by him.

Kennayil (frowns and looks up): He’s here. Isn’t he? And I bet that incident with the Jedi… (voice trails off).

Zentriia looks up sharply, fear now in her eyes. The Jedi set a trap for him? No no no nonononono.

Zentriia: Kenn, you have to leave. Now. They set a trap for us. Run. Please.

Master Vren: Stay where you are Sith. And keep your hands where I can see them.

Kennayil can feel the betrayal radiating for Zentriia. Her master had betrayed/lied to her. And now the one she cares for will suffer.

Kennayil (voice neutral): You should have left us in peace Jedi. I did not come here looking for a fight. Your padawan has information that I needed. She was more than willing to trade it for the promise of no violence towards anyone.

Vren: You Sith don’t keep your promises, unless it’s convenient to you. (looks at Zentriia) Did your new “friend” tell you that he just killed Master Kelrin’s padawan this morning?

Kennayil (calm but hostile): The only person I killed today was a traitor to the Empire and me personally. He stole a project I was working on. If that Jedi had not interfered, then Crental would still be alive.

Zentriia (desperate): Master, please. Isn’t there some way to just leave this alone. I made a bargain. Are you going to make a liar out of me?

Vren: Remain silent Zentriia. You will be taken before the Council. They, will decide your fate.

Kennayil (his eyes glowing slightly with his anger): And what do you plan on doing to her? Seal off her ability to use the Force? Wipe her memory like you did to Revan? Didn’t know I knew about that one, did you? I am a Sith Inquisitor. I deal in knowledge. That should be something that you Jedi believe in. With knowledge comes wisdom. And yet, here I am again, being forced to deal with the close mindedness of the Jedi ORDER! At least with my Order I know what to expect because everyone has the same belief! Your Republic is a chaotic, disorganized mess. Your own Order is constantly stamping down anyone who dares to believe in something other than what they preach. (standing) Good day to you Padawan Zentriia. Remember this day. And I hope that the next time we meet, you will not be as closed minded as these fools who lead you today.
As Kennayil begins moving towards the rail, Master Vren strikes out at him with the Force. The blow sent him sideways into a pillar. The blow knocks the wind out of him, and he falls to the ground barely conscious. Vren strides forward and stabs downward towards Kennayil’s heart. Instinct moves Kennayil’s hand, and he barely manages to deflect the blow. He rolls toward the Jedi Master and swings wildly, forcing the Jedi to jump backwards or lose his legs. Kennayil gets to his feet and takes a ready stance. He snaps a Static Barrier around himself and uses Lightening to attack his opponent from a distance. Vren launches several loose chairs at Kennayil, quickly depleting the shield. Vren closes within striking distance so fast, it appeared as if he had teleported. Kennayil is stunned, but manages to shake off the effects quickly. Unfortunately, it was not quick enough. Vren attacks with a flurry of blows attempting to break through Kennayil’s guard. Kennayil force pushes Vren off him and strikes with a jolt of Force designed to stun. Vren moves back within striking distance as if the attack was no more than a feather’s touch.

Kennayil begins to realize that he is seriously out classed. He begins searching for a way out, but only one option comes to mind. Kill the Jedi Master. Drawing upon his hatred of the Jedi Order, Kennayil begins launching a series of Force based attacks. Pumping himself full of the Force, his speed increases. A series of attacks with his lightsaber are interspaced with quick bursts of Force Lightening. Encouraged by his success, Kennayil pushes even harder. His vision narrows down to his prey. Nothing else matters, he must kill this animal. Now entirely consumed by his rage, Kennayil now possesses strength beyond normal. Vren notices the change in his opponent. This was the opening he needed. Vren knocks Kennayil against the same pillar and lounges. His lightsaber pierces Kennayil through the chest. Before Kennayil could collapse, Vren deactivates his lightsaber.

Vren (leaning forward): It didn’t have to come to this young Sith. All you had to do was turn yourself in to me and I’d have seen to it that you were treated farely.

Kennayil (turns his head to look at Zentriia): You see? This… this is what *cough* what I was sa-saying. Th… g’bye, my friend.

Zentriia, still standing where she was when the fighting started, is stunned. She just cannot believe what happened. Her master just attacked without provocation. Kennayil was going to leave peacefully. She was dumbfounded. How could her master do this? Zentriia’s world was collapsing, spiraling down into depths of anger, loss, and confusion. Everything she had ever believed in had just been ripped apart. Yes, she knew who was right. She moved to Kennayil’s side to heal him, only to be blocked by Master Vren.

Vren (calm and neutral): Leave him. He is dead now. (voice now sturn) You violated your oath as a Jedi and as a citizen of the Republic. Not only did you consort with the enemy, but you started to fall in love with him. I am hereby placing you under arrest pending a tribunal to determine your future.

Vren took her lightsaber and placed her in binders. Inside, Zentriia was hollow. She had nothing. The slim chance she had to save her friend was gone now. She let the guards with Vren guide her away. There was nothing left for her to fight for. As they walked off, a shadow detached itself from a hidden alcove.

Chrensha (looking sad): Now I see what you’ve been up to “brother.”

Chrensha applies a kolto pack to her brother, and then checks on his vitals. It is a good thing those Jedi had missed him slipping into his trance, because it was the only thing keeping him alive. Picking him up, she takes him outside to an awaiting air car. Placing him gently in the passenger seat, she jumps in then heads for the spaceport. His ship should have the gear to heal his body.

*To be continued…*

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re: Kennayil

Part 4

Kennayil awakens to the sounds of his ships medical bay. Sitting up slowly, he groans.

Kennayil: Ooooo. I feel like I’ve been run over by a herd of bantha.

Chrensha: Well, at least you don’t look like bantha poo doo anymore.

Kennayil automatically reached for his lightsaber, but it was not there. The human woman before him was holding it out to him. Cautiously, he reached out and took it from her. He placed it back on his belt.

Kennayil (weary): Obviously, you don’t mean to kill me, hunter. So I am wondering, why are you here? And who are you?

Chrensha (humor coloring her voice): My name is Chrensha. And believe it or not, you are my older half-brother. I know that sounds crazy, but we share the same sire. I want him dead, just like you do. We also have a younger brother. He’s Sith, like you, only he chose the path of a warrior. I don’t have much time now, but I will contact you as soon as I finish the Great Hunt. There’s a datapad on your bed. It has all the data I was able to find about our sire. I just ask that when the time comes to kill him, you let me know. I want in on it. The pad also has our brother’s contact data on it.

Kennayil: IF what you say is true. I will verify it through my own sources. But, if it is true, then you have my word that you, our brother, and I will kill him, together.

Chrensha nods, understandingly. She would have been disappointed if he just took her at her word.

Chrensha (pointing at his lightsaber): It was damaged during your fight with the Jedi Master. I took the liberty of upgrading it.

Kennayil takes out his lightsaber and ignites it. The blade is now orange/white, instead of the traditional red. A smile creeps across his face as he looks up. She has left. Kennayil gets out of bed and heads for the airlock. He still has a mission to perform.


Kennayil paid the fare to the taxi he hired and got out. Looking around he was surprised to see how decayed the area was. It was not very efficient means of keeping unwanted people out. To Kennayil, if you wanted to keep people from noticing you, you wouldn’t allow your territory to fall into decay. It was not his place to be judge and executioner to the Black Sun. At least, not today anyway. Although, it did give him an idea on how to start building up his own base of operations, but that would be later. For now he needed to focus on the job at hand. He almost missed the insignia he was looking for. Hidden amoung the countless graffiti on the side of one of the buildings. Yes, there it is. His master’s emblem, carefully designed to look like bad artwork. Walking down the alley, Kennayil felt a presence through the Force. Then two others joined it, following him down the alley. Several more were ahead, and they were hunting. Kennayil grinned to himself. Finally, he had a means of taking out his frustrations from his meeting with the Jedi Master.
Thinking of the Jedi filled Kennayil with rage. He tempered it, and placed it at the ready so it could be used to fuel his abilities. He would let them make the first move. Silently they closed the distance between him and sealed off the exit from the alley.

Thug 1: Well, well. Look at what we have here boys. You lost little man? We can help you out. For a small fee.

The others laugh harshly at the joke. They were anticipating the joy they would feel in attacking him. Such fools they are.

Kennayil (his voice neutral): I’m not lost. I have been looking for you.

Kennayil pulls his hood back to give them a good look at him. One of them hisses and starts to back up. He checks the move before his ‘friends’ notice, but Kennayil could sense his sudden fear.

Thug 2: Hey. Hey, um, guys. We should leave this one alone. He’s a Sith.

Thug 3: So? There’s eight of us and one of him. Sith can die just like anyone else.

Thug 2: @$%^ you. I’ve seen these guys in action. Just one is deadly. And they NEVER travel alone. I’m out of here.

The second thug barely has time to turn around before the first one shoots him in the back of his head.

Thug 1: Anyone else wanna turn coward? HUH!? Didn’t think so. (turning back towards Kennayil) C’mon little Sith. Let’s see if you’re people are all they’re cracked up to be.

Kennayil Force pushes the thugs in front of him backwards. He does not wait to see how many fall, instead he immediately turns to face the oncoming thugs behind him. Focusing his will, he creates a storm of Force Lightening around all of them. Since the idiots were dumb enough to stand close together, all three of them found themselves shocked by lightening. The attack kills two. By the time the storm is over the other four have recovered and taken up positions behind trash bins and other debris. Kennayil runs in close to Thug 3 and slices both his arms off. The thug falls to the ground screaming. The first thug activates a grenade and tosses is Kennayil, but the throw goes wild and flies past its intended target. The two stunned thugs never knew what hit them. The grenade went off just as it landed at their feet.

By this point Kennayil was fending off blaster fire with his lightsaber. He attempted to redirect the fire back at the shooters, but he was not skilled enough to do anything but force them to keep their heads down. He sent a quick bolt out to stun the first thug, who could only watch helplessly has Kennayil walked up to him and slowly sliced him open across the gut. The pain radiating from his victim was a siren call for Kennayil. But the image of Zentriia flashed through his mind and ruined the mood for him. He quickly finished off the other two and then walked over to the gutted fool on the ground.

Kennayil: You, I will leave alive, because the dead learn nothing. Next time one of you minions decides to warn you about someone, you should listen to them.

Kennayil sends a burst of dark healing energy towards his victim. The wounds close enough to no longer be non-lethal, but the pain remains. Kennayil laughs darkly as he walks off, following the marks of his master’s agent. It was only a matter of minutes before Kennayil came upon a small, hole in the wall bar. As he walked in, he knew he would have to return when he had some free time. This was the perfect place to hang out and remain hidden. The only illumination came from the bar itself. The transparent bar top showed an assortment of alcohol and the bartender’s favorite weapons.

Bartender: HEY! I said what do you want?

Kennayil (eyes sparkling): Sorry. I was admiring your collection. I am positively in lust over that Roth RVX-12. They haven’t made a rifle like that in over a hundred years. Does it still work?

Bartender (his voice softening a bit): You like, huh? Disturb any of my regulars and you’ll find out just how well it works.

Kennayil (nodded understanding): Republic made it illegal since it uses hyper-velocity rounds. And yet they will issue rail-guns to their troops. Good thing the Republic has no authority here. Gimme something that will burn on its way down, and spread like a herd of spooked nerf.

The bartender walked off and pulled something out of his fridge. Kennayil paid him for his beer and looked for some place to vanish into. Finding a spot that kept his back to the wall and facing to door was not hard. It seemed that unless you were at the bar, every table was set up to do so. Smiling to himself, he chose an empty table with a direct shot out the door in case he needed to make a hasty retreat. He was half way through his beer when a hooded creature sat at his table.

Kennayil (not looking up from his beer): Unless you have a death wish “friend,” I would suggest you find some new place to sit.

Hood (lays a coin on the table): I believe you and I should have a chat.

Kennayil used the Force to flip the coin over, then looked up at the stranger. It would seem his master’s agent was alive and well.

Kennayil: Darth Ravenous has been looking for you. It would seem you have information that he requires.

Hood (retrieves his coin): My name is Al’andar. Most just call me Al. I need a secure line to the boss. The target he sent me after is now dead. But his friends are searching for me, and they will not give up until I’m dead, or they lose my trail.

Kennayil: Then we need to leave. There’s a force of Jedi on Nar Shadda. They’re up to something, and I need to see what it is. I’ve run into several in the last few days, far more than all the previous years added together.

Al’andar (looks up sharply): Damn. I think I know what they’re after. We need to hurry. If I what I think is true, we’ll need the boss’s support before we can do anything about it.
Both males got up from their tables and silently walked out. After a few moments, a shadow detached itself from the wall and followed behind them.

*To be continued…*

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re: Kennayil

Part 5

They arrived at Kennayil’s ship without incident. Kennayil had spent most of the trip back in quiet contemplation of recent events. Zentriia was a ripe fruit waiting for the plucking. Events surrounding their last meeting could not have been planned better. He had remained calm, allowed the Jedi to attack first, and even managed to keep from killing her master. Once he got to his comm, he’d send a message to her via the forums to let her know he still lived. As soon as he came through the hatch with his guest, however, 2V-RX was there to meet him.

2V-RX: Master, Darth Ravenous has ordered you contact him as soon as you returned to the ship. I took the liberty of contacting him as soon as I noticed you coming up the ramp.

Kennayil glared at the droid but said nothing. Al’andar followed him to the holo-table, choosing to remain quiet. Kennayil activated the communication array, and awaited his master’s convenience. He did not have to wait long.

Ravenous: Ahh, good. You found my agent. Al’andar, you will attach yourself to my apprentice. Aid him in his missions, personal and professional. (Kennayil looked startled) You would not be Sith if you did not have your own agenda to follow, my apprentice. Besides, I expect someone with your unique talents to build your own team and acquire followers. I have decided to increase your responsibilities my apprentice. And know this. I will never tell you when you are on you final Test.

Kennayil (nodded solemly): It shall be done my master.

Ravenous: Agent. What do you have to report?

Al’andar: It would seem that your hunch was right m’lord. Someone in Fleet Command has been contracting with the Exchange to perform bio experiments. I couldn’t find out any details, but if your apprentice has the skills, then perhaps we can get into their base and I can hack into their computers.

Ravenous contemplates this for a moment. This could be a perfect test to see if his best assets can work together.

Ravenous: Tell me Kennayil, what are your thoughts on this.

Kennayil: M’lord knows that my primary skill is in healing, but I believe that the two of us can come up with a plan that will work. I have a couple ideas on a warm up mission to help us get use’ to working together.

Ravenous: Good, good. You do that. I have a few matters to deal with concerning the Council. You will not be able to reach me for some time. I expect a favorable report when I return.

Darth Ravenous closed the connection. Kennayil looked at his new teammate and contemplated the best mission they could perform together.

Kennayil: I have an idea on where to start. (he begins typing on the console) I have been attempting to dig up some information on this man. (an image forms revealing Zentriia’s master) He is a Jedi Master here on Nar Shadda. I want to set him up for a fall that he will never recover from. To do that, we are going to have to sneak into one of the SIS outposts in Exchange territory and slice into their computer network.
Al’andar smiles. This might be the beginning of a great alliance.

Al’andar: I know just the place. I found it by accident a few days ago. It’s the reason I went into hiding. They only have a four man team working there. The problem is that they have several undercover Special Squads in the area that can respond if they need it.

Pulling up a map of the area, Al’andar shows Kennayil the area he’s referring to. Several surrounding alley ways were highlighted.

Al’andar: These alleyways are where they hang out at. Usually dressed in civilian attire, and they keep their weapons in disguised containers located about 30 meters from the exit.

Kennayil (nodding): A frontal assault is definitely out of the question. Hmm. That building next to them appears to have a shared power meter.

Al’andar (grining): Not bad. So if we attempt to go into that one, then we raise less suspicion. However, they will definitely evac the moment they see a Sith approaching.

Kennayil: True, but if they don’t see me coming, then there’s nothing to fear.

Al’andar looks at the Sith before him like he just grew a second head. He has no idea what the plan is, but he hopes it does not compromise his cover.

Kennayil (turns away): REX! Get your rusted, glytchy arse over here!

2V-RX: I am here Master. How can I be of humble service to one such as—

Kennayil: Stop your sniveling. Go into my personal locker and get the blue pack with the purple stripe. Also, grab the grey case from over the workbench.

2V-RX: At once, your worshipfulness.

It only takes the droid a couple of minutes to get the required items. Kennayil takes them and waves the droid off. Opening the blue pack first, Kennayil withdraws a set of civilian clothes. He grins at Al’andar.

Kennayil: There are times when even a Sith wishes to go unnoticed by the general population. These are custom cut to hide my weapons. And speaking of which, the gray case holds various weapons parts. Go through it and see if you can find anything that will upgrade your arsenal. We’ll check in with the black market vendor’s once this mission is complete. They may have something you need.

Al’andar is once again surprised by the Sith. He was not use to one being so thorough. Usually, they are so filled with their own self-importance that they run roughshod over any bit of common sense. He began looking through the parts box his partner handed him. It was mostly filled with lightsaber parts, but there were a few blaster components that might work. And what was this? Al’andar holds up a green hued crystal. It was almost the right size to fit into the firing chamber. He quickly disassembles his sniper rifle. Pulling out the focusing crystal inside, he swaps it out for the green one. It fit better than the original.

Kennayil: Ah, good choice. It’s part of the focusing assembly from the lightsaber of a Jedi I killed. High quality part you chose. I like to play with mechanical things. Taking them apart, finding better ways to put them back together again. Sadly, not all my endeavors are a success. Those are the left-overs.

Al’andar grinned as he reassembled his weapon. The upgrades would increase his fire rate, and narrow the beam and increase the power enough to punch through two inches of durasteele. They spend the next couple of hours refining their plan until they have a good idea of who will be doing what and when.

Al’andar (yawning): No offence m’lord, but I need some sleep. I’ve been running off of adrenals for so long that my body just can’t keep up anymore.

Kennayil (nodding): Rex can show you where you’ll be bunking when onboard.

Kennayil walks to his own quarters, and logs onto the forums. There was nothing new from Zentriia, but he had not expected anything. He leaves her a simple message, “I still live,” then logs off. Hopefully, she will see it soon. After securing his quarters, he falls into bed exhausted. For the first time since he was a child, his dreams are troubled.


Kennayil was sitting at his desk two days later. The data hack went off without a hitch. The Republic was short one Special Operations Squad and one SIS team. They even managed to make it look like the Exchange had been responsible. They still had not heard from Darth Ravenous yet. And this troubled Kennayil. Coming to a decision, he summoned Al’andar.

Al’andar: You rang?

Kennayil: I need to head back to Korriban. Something is not right. Darth Ravenous does not go silent for several days. I have to find out what is taking him so long to get back to us. Besides, there are some personal issues I need to take care of there.

Al’andar nodded. It made sense. In the years he had been working for the Darth, there had never been more than a day of silence from the man outside if mission induced comm silence. He just loved to talk to a captive audience.

Al’andar: When do we depart?

Kennayil: In one hour. Make sure you have everything settled. I have a feeling that things are not as they seem at the moment.

[Arrival Korriban]

Kennayil stepped off the shuttle to the planet and took a moment to feel the heat. It had been a long time since he was last here. He took a deep breath of the dry, sandy air and began walking toward the temple. He was halfway there when he noticed a pair of Troopers escorting a prisoner. Normally, this would not have caught his attention, but this prisoner was a Togruta with very distinctive purple markings. Speeding up, Kennayil called for the Troopers to halt. As he approached the trio, he noticed that the prisoner was indeed her. Zentriia looked as if she had been on the receiving end on more than one beating.
Kennayil: Where did you find this prisoner Lieutenant?

Lieutenant: She surrendered herself to us just beyond the outskirts m’lord. Although she denies it, I believe that there may be others with her.

Kennayil (peers at her for a moment): Go, find her ship. If there are other survivors, bring them here for questioning. I’ll take her in. Give me your name so that I can use it in my report.

Lieutenant: Bowman, sire. Lieutenant Joosh Bowman.

Kennayil: Very good work Lieutenant Bowman. Take two squads with you. You’re in charge. Failure will be yours as well.

Lieutenant (suddenly nervous): Yes, my lord. We will depart at once.

Kennayil stands in place waiting for the troopers to depart before speaking to Zentriia. He removes the binders holding her hands behind her back, then points the way toward the temple. They began walking in silence.

Kennayil: As much as I want to know how you ended up here, you better save it for later. I just need to know one thing. Why are you here?

Zentriia: To be your apprentice. The Jedi are just as corrupt as any government you can name. You were the only one to tell me the whole truth. You never lied about who you are or even why we met. I can only conclude that the Force wanted us to be together.

They walked the rest of the way in silence. As they walked into the temple, they were met by a runner from the Dark Council.

Runnner: Apprentice Kennayil. Darth Ravenous is dead. The council demands you report to them at once.

Kennayil: Inform the Council that I am on my way.

The runner departed at a run. Kennayil grabbed Zentriia by the arm and pulled her along at a faster rate. He used the physical contact to send healing energy into her. As her wounds closed, she began moving faster under her own power. As they approached the doors to the Council chamber, Kennayil felt that he needed to warn her.

Kennayil: When we get in there, say nothing unless spoken to directly. If you upset any of them, I will be required to punish you. Also, you are about to see the darkest part of me up there.

With that he opened the doors and strode in. With each step his posture changed, his aura quickly becoming more dark and sinister, than she had ever known. Silently, she followed behind him, her eyes never leaving his back.

Darth Cracken: So, this is the apprentice. He feels as powerful as his former master.

Darth Zash: He has been tested. And he has proven himself a capable leader. I feel it is time.

Darth Cracken: No. You simple wish to add another Inquisitor to the long list of people who owe you favors. Not this time. I have a better idea. A final test, if you will.

Kennayil (voice dark, and deceptively quiet): I will face any challenge you care to pose me.

Darth Cracken: Good. You Inquisitors like to say you are more intellectual than fighter, so I will ask you one question. If your answer displeases me, then you and that slave will die. Tell me, why do you have a Jedi Padawan with you free from any shackles?

Kennayil (cautiously): Is that the challenge question m’Lord? Or are you seeking information?

Darth Cracken hisses in laughter. Oh, he liked this one already. He does have a spine afterall.

Darth Cracken: The question is both.

Kennayil: I met this padawan at the end of a mission this Council had sent me on. The mission was a suicidal one. Having had sent several others before me, (looks at Zash) I imagine you expected me to meet my end. I survived, in part because she aided me. We spent several days together, in which I showed her the fallacy of Jedi logic. And told her how to see the truth of what we Sith really are. For over a year, we would converse on the AnonForm. But it wouldn’t be until Nar Shadda that we would see each other again. While we were talking, her master attacked me without provocation. I had information she needed, and she had detailed information about my mission on Nar Shadda. I almost didn’t survive that encounter. I came here to Korriban to seek information about my master, and to confirm some personal information I found out on Nar Shadda.

Darth Zash: So it was simply a happy coincidence that you found her on your way to the temple?

Kennayil: M’lord. You and I both know there there’s no such thing as a ‘happy coincidence’ when the Force is involved.
Both Darths nodded to his response. They leaned toward one another and spoke softly. When they were finished, they beckoned him closer.

Darth Cracken: It is the decision of this council that you be awarded the rank of Lord. You will be given your own office here in the temple. Darth Ravenous’ property will be split amongst his other apprentices. You will keep his ship, droid, and anything of value of his from among the slaves.
Darth Zash: You will report directly to me or Darth Cracken upon discovery of anything to do with the history (pointing to herself) or security (pointing to Cracken) of the Empire.

Kennayil: I dedicate my life to the survival of the Empire and to the will of the Emperor. (looking up) I would like to take this former padawan as my apprentice. Her training is not complete, but she will be a powerful addition to our strength.

Darth Zash: Granted. But I want a report on how she got here, and why she would come to us. We are not exactly the nicest people in the galaxy.

Kennayil bowed then walked out of the chamber, Zentriia following behind him still. Neither one said a word until they reached his ship.

Kennayil: Rex, see to it that you aquire any supplies my new apprentice will need. Including those for the construction of a new lightsaber.

2V-RX: Of course, my master. And congratulations on your promotion.

Al’andar: Promotion? Wow, you really are moving up in the galaxy.

Kennayil: Al’andar, this is Zentriia. She’s my new apprentice. I just found out our lord has been killed. Find out how. I don’t want the official report. I need to know the truth. That Zash has the feeling of an oily serpent. I don’t trust her to honor her own word.

Al’andar: On it. I’ll also see what I can find out about her.
Before he can dismiss his teammate, the holo-table begins chiming. Al’andar shakes his head at it. The thing had been ringing all day. He hits the accept button then waits for the image to focus.

Zefric Prim: Lord Kennayil. I am Zefric Prim, former attaché to Darth Ravenous. His last orders for you still stand, and he wanted one other passed along to you. Find Lord Draakon, and report in. The Dread Watch is a new organization within the Empire. They have their own mandate, and how they operate is completely up to them. I shall not contact you again. Good bye.

Anger flashed through Kennayil. But before he could lash out, Al’andar spoke.

Al’andar: I think finding that prick, and giving him instruction on proper means of addressing a Lord of the Sith, shall be my first mission for you m’friend.

Kennayil laughs as he waves his friend off. Things have just got a lot more interesting. His induction into the Dread Watch was short and to the point. From now on, he could take his own path in protecting the Empire he cared for.

Let me know what you think the next time you see me online. I’m going to take a small break before working on Chrensha’s story. May your enemies fall before you in fear.

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Failure to do so, is to volunteer to be one of Kennayil's test subjects. He is in constant need of them.

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